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About: Design Decisions

"If your portfolio were a museum, your Skillprint is the museum map. What’s the big picture snapshot that instantly orients people and informs them about who you are?""

The idea of a skillprint was exciting - an entirely new way to showcase my skills and experiences, in a format with endless possibilities. I saw an opportunity to personalize every aspect of my skillprint, so that each part- from the method of build, to the graphics, and even each interaction - said something about me as a designer.

I identified four key components of my design work and goals; they guided the final outcome of my skillprint:

Over the project, I tested different interactions and form-factors with friends to get to what felt te most delightful and natural. Also, this activity was a short sprint done over a day whilst juggling many other projects. Time was the main constraint which contributed to a number of the the engineering and design decisions I made (e.g. this page is not responsive) regardless, I'm happy with the final product! Let me know your thoughts.