Tyler Su

I'm an
Interaction Design + Engineering
student at Stanford University. Minoring in Data Science. Talk to me about how we can use data, design, and storytelling to build powerful products and tools. read more
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Yada is an investor-backed peer-to-peer platform.

I am currently working as an in-house full stack designer, leading projects from branding and visual identity to user research and UX/UIs.

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Visual Branding
Graphic Design

I coded four interactive digital art pieces that showcase Manovich's Principles of New Media

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Interactive Art


We built Leonardo da Vinci's Mechanical Lion.

How we did it
Problem Solving
About me

Originally from Las Vegas, based in Palo Alto. Really interested in evidence-based/data-driven design i.e. using data to inform and validate design decisions. Always looking for opportunities to explore this idea in more depth. Regardless, I've worked on a large variety of projects and look forward to applying those experiences to the next one!

Interaction Design? Engineering? Data Science?

Yes! Different design problems require different tools. And interesting solutions seem to develop at the intersections of those tools, so I've spent a lot of time trying to learn and master many. My experiences, interests, and skills have led me to work on a diverse set of projects, of which I can readily apply to the next challenge.

Feel free to email me about any projects on this site or new opportunities: